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We are a progressive company in the recycling industry and look to computer recycling as a means to better our community. Through our services we strive at taking away the stress of recycling and disposal of all types of used computers and we guarantee our clients with a complete peace of mind for the recycling of all their used computers and electronic waste.

At Recytec-IT Ltd, (With our 3 “R” used computer recycling campaign,) we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most secure computer and electronic recycling and disposal mechanism available today. Our computer recycling process has been developed over many years of experience working with businesses, individuals and government agencies that are intent on making sure their computers are recycled in an environmentally, responsible and secure manner.

At Recytec-IT Ltd, we encourage the reuse of working computers as the first option for used computers and IT equipment recycling.used computers or other IT equipment are a valuable source for secondary raw materials that can be reused to manufacture or refurbish other products. If treated properly computers or their components that still have useful life may be reconditioned and sold to those who cannot afford the cost of a new computer, to schools, film makers, community groups, students , poorer African countries or donated to one of the many UK and foreign based charities we have on our waiting list.

If the computer will not work and cannot work as a whole unit, it is then stripped and useful components taken out by our experts and other basic components like metals, plastics, and mother boards are separated for further recycling processing by our other UK based certified recycling partners. At their various smelting facilities, these components are melted down. Plastics and metals are then recycled for future manufacturing use while mother boards are further recycled and precious metals contained in them are extracted to assist future production chain.By extending the useful life of your used computer and its components as much as possible we are thereby reducing the demand for brand new equipment and reducing the overall waste that goes to landfills.

Our computer recycling campaign aims at reducing waste going to landfill, cutting the energy used in the production of new products by reusing your used computers, safeguarding human health and our environment and encouraging businesses and households to have environmental concerns at the heart of their thinking and operations by engaging all our clients in the recycling process.

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Do you or your company not have time to drop off your used computers
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